We would be more than happy to hear from you—and check out your writing & artwork. When submitting your work, please be sure to include your name in the subject box and a link to your personal work (if available)!

Drunk accepts work from artists of ALL AGES.

How do I submit visual work to Drunk?

Great question! Send us over an email to submissions@drunkmag.com!


What kinds of photos do you accept?

We accept it all. No rules! Fashion Photography, film photography, paintings, illustrations, nudity (be tasteful), you name it!


What kinds of written pieces do you accept?

Article submissions: Pop culture, Social issues, Think Pieces, and Poetry. You are 100% allowed to do an article on someone of your choice or cover an event; but please be sure to get the “OK” from one of our editors before approaching anyone!


For ALL submissions:

Once you click "CHEERS!" you have granted us permission to publish/edit any article or photo set submitted to Drunk Magazine.