Natalie Olivares


Natalie Olivares

From that day on, I became beautiful.


In the beginning I felt hopeless

I felt heartless 

I was not myself.

I lacked strength,

I could not stand up straight.


I fought hard for years,

Numbers bouncing up and down on a scale,

Numbers that pulled strings on my heart and left tears.

Girls, Mothers, Brothers, Sons and Fathers

Everyone had something to say,

Everyone had standards that twisted and turned my stomach into knots,

I was not what they wanted.

I was not their sexy. 

I was MY own sexy, what's so wrong with that?


One day, five years into this fight,

I looked in the mirror,

And saw something beautiful.

And from that day on,

Something sparked in my mind-

You, my love, deserve to feel beautiful.

You, my love, are in fact beautiful.

No person no magazine no makeup 

Nothing can stop or change the beauty that one holds within their soul.


From that day on, 

I became beautiful.

I saw makeup as a form of art,

No longer a cover up to who I was,

I learned to love my face with and without makeup,

To love my stomach with and without rolls,

To love my brain with all of its complications,

All of my flaws,

All of my jealousy, my anger, my passions-

They are me.


So if I can give advice to young women today,

I say:

Don't falter, Don't be Trumped.

Let your anger become your motivator,

Fight for love, for yourself, for others.

Don't let society fool you-

For what they taught you of beauty is in fact bullshit and your shit is the best shit.


Embrace every stage of self improvement. 

Don't ever forget the journey 

and the mistakes you made

and the lessons you learned.

Because that's what life’s about.

And in the end- to be happy with yourself is the most important thing of all.

You are the one stuck with your brain and your thoughts at the end of the night for the rest of your life,

So you might as well be damn happy with that brain. 

- N.F.O.