Porsche Little


Porsche Little

I’ve always disliked fast fashion and the way it seems to homogenize aesthetics. I like vintage simply for that it’s more interesting

How long have you been collecting dresses?

For about three years now. I started around college, buying just for my personal closet.


What attracts you to the vintage style?

I’ve always disliked fast fashion and the way it seems to homogenize aesthetics. I like vintage simply for that it’s more interesting; visually, tactilely—even the history behind the fabric! Each dress or piece is dramatically its own and demands attention. It’s all very romantic and seductive.


How many do you have?

I’m currently out of the country so I can’t count- but I’d say close to 50 or so. I used to only have a handful at a time, and sell most others for some extra cash, but I’m trying to set up my own store at the moment, which is why I’ve been sitting on so many!


Which one is your favorite and why?

All my favorite dresses I’ve given away for free...A backless berry-colored Laura Ashley, a checkered Western dream of a dress...It’s a bad habit for someone who’s so chronically broke and out of money, but I can’t seem to help it. Out of the ones that I currently *do* have, I’d say this amazing black chiffon & lace dress I found for five dollars on Flatbush Ave. It has these stunning sleeves that droop down and make you feel like a Victorian goddess, intensely luxurious and quite severe but not at all antiquated. It’s classic vintage, classic New York. Even has New York on the label, if I’m not mistaken.


How do you go about finding them?

I rarely venture out in person to search for dresses. I’m very much a home dweller, so it’s often me in my bed with my cats, drinking coffee and perusing the web (ebay, etsy, etc) for hidden treasures. More often than not, it’s a result of my unfortunate but ever-persistent insomnia.


What are your long term goals for you and yours dresses?

Like I mentioned above, my long term goal is to set up a store of my own. An outlet in which I would have full creative, stylistic, and artistic control-- and be able to make rent. It’s always been a hustle game for me!


What inspired you to collect vintage dresses?

I think how most others get into it: a desire to create a world entirely of my own, through sartorial means, but completely lacking the funds to do so. The answer seems to always be dirt-cheap vintage. Plus, the rarity of it all is so exhilarating and rewarding.


How many do you dream to own?

Only a few treasured dresses of my own, and a countless supply that I could gift to angels around the world!


Where do you find your coolest dresses?

It’s quite funny, I find the best dresses are kept by older white women in the Midwest. I guess it’s stuff they’ve kept for forever, without any value to them-- but they’re often kept in pristine condition and absolutely stunning. Things like Lanz Originals dresses with crazy ribbons all attached and delicate Jessica McClintock numbers with spidery lace, etc, etc. Often for 10$ or less! And they’re always so sweet, sending a small handwritten note or a lil sticker with the dress in the mail.