Vaidehi Gajjar


Vaidehi Gajjar

The Dark Mark

They said dark skin is ugly

And I couldn’t help but wonder

What use is a fair complexion

With a charcoal soul


Do not hate your darkness, my love

For even the night sky and the stars

Envied the sun and its’ rays

They are both beautiful

Just in their own different ways

Better Together

Whether it’s the soft light of diyas during Diwali, or the luminescence of the sun stretching its’ arms before Suhoor, both beckon a new beginning. Whether it’s passing around a bowl of sweet kheer, or a plate of steaming lamb kebabs, both invite just a little more togetherness. Whether it’s reading from the Gita, or quoting from the Quran, both call understanding. Whether it is prathna showering blessings upon loved ones, or taraweeh casting the evil eye off of strangers, both bind in love. Whether it is going to the masjid for Al-Itikaf, or the mandir to recite paath, both remind of the rich culture we were born from. We’re not so different, see? Our lives are so intertwined, even by our differences. This Ramadan, I send a hug and countless smiles to my Muslim brothers and sisters, the ones that will have hearty Suhoor and Iftar meals, and even more to the ones that won’t; for my faith in humanity is great than that in religion. I pray to my pantheon of Gods as well as Allah swt, to remove your storms of sorrows, with fresh showers of happiness. I pray that your Ramadan is filled with the same togetherness, laughter, and love you asked for me during Diwali. I pray for those that don’t stand with you, to eventually cross the threshold to you and stay strong against the wall of hate that we combat today, for a better tomorrow. Ramadan Mubarak my Bhais and Bahens, Allah khair kare.